Children of the Trump

This has gone too far. The Donald Trump cult needs to be stopped… like right now. I’m not talking about Trump himself, although he needs to be stopped also, but of his cult like following. The cult of Donald Trump threatens the very existence of not just the republic but of reality. He will arrogantly lie, his surrogates will arrogantly lie, and his cult followers will arrogantly lie. Then they will lie again and again. They will lie and pretend they have not changed their rhetoric. They will rationalize the lying. Almost like the left. This makes them a greater threat than the left.
The left doesn’t claim to be of the right and conservatism. The Trump cult does. They carry the mantle of conservatism and the right but they do represent the ideas in the slightest. Every time a reporter is assaulted by his people, tells a lie, panders to racists, promotes war crimes or attacks women and his cult members defend him, it reflects on us. Conservatism is not a racist or sexist movement but you couldn’t tell that if you aren’t a conservative.
These people we have to fight aren’t about ideas. They could care less about those and that’s what makes this fight so hard. If they cared one iota about them they wouldn’t support a guy who flips flop in a debate. They worship Trump because he is a strong man; because he will bash the politically correct while taking common decency with it. They want him because they want someone to stand up for the white, male, Christian who the left thinks is the root of all evil. They want someone strong to make America win again because they think America is losing. They want government to help them, to protect them, and to work for them. They don’t want a limited government but a empowered government to serve and work for them and Trump reflects that. They think free trade of goods and labor is bad. They think other countries are gross and we are somehow metaphysically better.
We are no longer fighting for the republic but for our very movement. Our enemy is no longer just the left but an army of zombified Trumpbots who will defend him no matter how much he lies, condones violence, advocates immorality, or hypocritical he gets. We are fighting the left, disguised as the right, so we can have the moral authority to attack the self-proclaimed left.

God help us.

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