Against the Bern

The biggest myth in American politics is the belief that a President Bernie Sanders would help the young of our nation. The opposite is true. A Sanders administration would be a terrible development for youth, especially minority youth.

Doubling the minimum wage from $7.25 to $15 lowering the demand for labor and increasing the competition for a low wage job does not help youth.

Decreasing GDP by 9.5 percent over the long term does not help the youth. Causing incomes to fall over 10% will not help the youth.

Making over 70% of Americans pay more for health care will not help Americans.

Making a four year degree worthless by giving almost everyone one (see the law of diminishing returns) will not help the youth.

Pretending a shrinking middle class (defined as 50,000 to 100,000) because people are moving into the upper class (defined as 100,000 and greater) is a bad thing and should be stopped will help no one.

Pretending less trade and higher priced goods is good for anyone will not help the country. Moving investment from the United States to overseas because of a Robin Hood tax will not help anyone.

Crowding out private and more productive spending will not help anyone.

Worrying about what the few have and not what the rest have when they have no relationship with each other in a free society does not help anyone.

Pretending the rich haven’t earned their money when we voluntarily give them our money in exchange for their goods and services that we want and value will not help anyone.

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