The Concern of Police Brutality

Many people feel that our law enforcement has been a constant and consistent force that regularly violates the liberties and rights of the individuals in America. Many feel that our law enforcement no longer protects individual rights and rather servers the interests of the government How valid is this statement?

It is important to note first of all what constitutes as violations of individual rights and a way you can prove that the law enforcement serves the government above the interests of the people.

The FBI has public statistics in regards to the amount of arrests made and the content of the arrests. FBI has stated, In 2013, there were 11,302,102 arrests made. So of these eleven thousand arrests, how many of these arrests have been made for the violation of non violent crimes? Immediately after bringing up these statistics the FBI states that the highest reason for arrests is for drug position, which already sends a red flag because drug usage is a personal right due to freedom of choice and doesn’t directly harm anyone but the user. (1,501,043 arrests total) we can go further however. The total amount of arrests for violent offenders is 480,360 (this statistic according to the FBI includes rape, murder, assault, direct harm to another individual. This means that only 4% of arrests made are justifiable (we should only have police to enforce against violent crime and protect our rights) however, we should be fair to other ideologies, mine included. We should include property damage to this statistic because most beliefs classify property damage as violent. 1,559,284 arrests were made for property violations, adding that to lieder we got 2,039,644 arrests, which translates to 18% of all arrests. So does that mean only 18% of arrests are justifiable? Depending on your believe systems… Maybe, but it can be taken further. The FBI failed to include revenue extortions (traffic stops) from their statistics. The FBI only provided statistics for speeding, which can be dangerous, by no means is it violent however, and that accounts 40,000,000 total stops. Remember 9,262,458 are non justifiable arrests. That is 49,262,458 unjustifiable POLICE INTERACTIONS, the total amount amount of police interactions is 51,302,102 this ends up being 96%. 96% of police encounters are for Non violent offenses…… Most of the time police interact with people, it Is because they never violated anyone’s lives or rights.

So that statistics shows you the majority of the police just deliver revenue to the state, and their arrests are for the interest of the corrupt politicians. How can it be proven that police as whole serve the government before the interests of the people? Supreme Court decisions easily prove this. A Supreme Court decision has made police all across the United States guilty of enforcing the law and not protecting the people. Warren vs. District of Columbia 

I’ll explain the story briefly, a women’s apartment was intruded and burglarized. The men who robbed the house found the women and proceeded to rape her, the cops were called by Warren who heard the situation happen, however the police did not respond to the situation. Without digressing into detail, Warren and her friend thought the police arrived, so Warren called out to the person that was raped only to be met with the burglar at knife. The Three women were then taken to his apartment and were raped and preformed sexual acts for 14 hours.

The police were not held accountable or for negligence for refusing to offer any help to the women being raped. Instead the Supreme Court said this:

“[t]he duty to provide public services is owed to the public at large, and, absent a special relationship between the police and an individual, no specific legal duty exists.”

Basically the conclusion was: the police do not have to be obligated to serve or protect the people, only to enforce the law. And this has been the public doctrine ever since.

So we have a police force who does not have any legal authority to protect the rights and lives of the individuals, and instead is prioritized with enforcing all of the laws our government enforces. Including the corrupt ones, such as drug laws, laws against running a lemonade stand, feeding homeless people, etc. When we discover that these laws that don’t protect any victims account for 82% of all arrests, it is only fair to ask questions regarding the corruption of our police force.

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