War on Minds

The following is a essay I wrote and had edited.

There is a war on minds

There is a war on minds.
We exist in a time of cultural fascism. Whether you agree with a proposition or not it is the responsibility of every person to make sure dissent is not suppressed. We have the right to be heard but we are born with the right to make ourselves heard.
In the words of Voltaire even if “I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.”
In the 21st century we face many cultural problems from the decline of the family structure to the growing partisan rifts and the corruption of values. Of the multitude of problems facing our culture the suppression of dissent leads them all.
In our supposed places of debate, media and Congress dissent is suppressed. From protests against those who come to speak, not giving air times and removing representatives from committee’s positions dissent is suppressed. Only opinions which are approved by those who set agendas and conform to what is deemed acceptable thought are allowed. We must be politically correct or face the brunt of an attack.
There is a war on our minds.
Let’s focus in on to when it is the minority because that is when the truth is most vulnerable. Society is never in more trouble than when the truth is suppressed. Thankfully it never ends well. The USSR suppressed the truth for 70 years… it self-destructed… literally.
What if the truth is not being repressed but falsehood is set forth instead? Like the “truths” told by Vladimir Putin? The whole world knows what he has done. His “truth” is a lie but how many believe his lies? Do we believe him? Many do.
In this culture war over truth, those who want to own independent minds justify it through the collectivist mentality of what is best for society, through arguing there is a consensus, and you have no right to an opinion or to protect weak minds. These arguments fail to acknowledge that no one can know what is best for society which is formed and exists by spontaneous interactions; Ignore; lend a false vale of infallibility to certain group; attempt to end debate; and adults like children in the ring of intellectual debate.
Now we turn to the question of solutions. Every problem must have a solution just as every action has a reaction. We have to change minds. This is the only way.
To solve the problem there is little we can do but force our opinions into debate. We must especially force a debate on this subject. When this debate is forced we must win it. This is the only solution as we cannot legislate a mentality. We must force our enemy to engage us. We have to change minds. That is the only way.

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