Critique of Kapitalism 101: Law of Value — Production and Exchange. 


Hello, I am InstaHayek, and together with MrCredible, I am debunking Kapitalism’s video and WordPress series in the Marxist Labor Theory of Value. In this installment, I will be critiquing Kapitalism’s post on “Law of Value 7: Production and Exchange.”

The beginning is an introduction as to how we fail to see things in isolation. I will be focusing on the later claims.


“What kind of society is required to have a world where buyers and sellers are free to sell labor (labor power to be specific) and commodities as equals? We need more than just money, markets and bourgeois states. We need a particular type of production relation.”

This society would be a free market. Capital markets strengthen property rights and allow the free trading of goods and services without oppression from an outside source. As MrCredible has stated in his rebuttal, the amount…

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