Free Marketers and Conspiracy Theories 

On my time on social media I’ve noticed (my own observations) that many supporters of the free market also believe in conspiracy theories (the range varies). While they are seem to be a minority they still have large numbers. These beliefs are contradicting and are a dichotomy. 
Conspiracy theories require a central authority to be able to manipulate millions of people and variables. They must have the knowledge to do this. As supporters of the free market we believe it is impossible to effectively guide and control the market. We believe that no one has the knowledge to make these decisions. People have certain knowledge and through prices combine their knowledge. If conspiracy theories are in fact true. If the government planed 9/11, Sands Hook or makes us buy foods which will kill us then they have the ability to manipulate the world and market with a large degree of effect. 
If a central authority can manipulate the market and society with such large effect then we should all be socialists. If government can bring forth results with the success they do in ocrastrating disasters why can’t they do the same for the “common good”. 
Conspiracy theories are nothing more than socialism and government central planning. Ignoring all the holes in them and the facts that oppose them (and lack of facts that support that) they are simply impossible because the basic economic facts and theories which we proclaim. 

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