Vouchers do not hurt public education 

Tonight I sent a letter to the editor at my local paper (The Daily Reflector). Here it is. 

Last Wendsday Brandon King wrote a letter to the editor against vouchers and I wanted to provide some information that was left out. Mr. King claims that vouchers benefit a select few, but according to a Harvard study “Our estimates indicate that using a voucher to attend private school increased the overall college enrollment rate among African Americans by 24 percent.” Mr. King also implies that vouchers hurt public school but “Overwhelmingly, studies have found that vouchers improve public school [performance]. No empirical study has ever found that vouchers harm public schools” (Forster 2013). When students attend voucher schools, their acheivments generally rise and voucher schools also attract students who poorly perform in public schools (Hoxby 2003). The evidence is clear, vouchers do not hurt public schools. Vouchers are beneficial to students and public schools.

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