Oppose the TPP

If you read a previous rebuttal of mine you know I support free trade. The evidence you its success is overwhelming and economists of all stripes have almost unanimous agreement about its success BUT the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) must be oppose.

The TPP is being dubbed a free trade bill, like NAFTA was, but it is resonable to fear that like NAFTA (which was managed trade) the TPP will be (and is) branded free trade and what ever happens because of it will be blamed and credited to free trade but the TPP will likely not be free trade. If the TPP fails like NAFTA it will be a blow against free trade when it should not be.

The agreement is hundreds of pages while a free trade agreement should not need more than two or three. The agreement is certainly filled with cronyism. Gut the bill a couple hundred pages and I will gladly support it

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