Liberal Logic Number 2

1. Boycotting business will not work so let’s boycott a entire state

2. You should make your own healthcare dissension unless it is to buy healthcare.

3. What goes in your body is your choice unless we want to ban it.

4. Banning drugs will not keep them from being used but banning guns will stop them from being used.

5. Bombing countries is bad. Isn’t Obama’s drone program great?

6. The Koch brothers are evil but George Soros is cool

7. If you hate government then you should move to Somalia but i should not move to North Korea.

8. College should be affordable so lets tax college savings accounts!

9. The second amendment only applies to muskets but the first amendment applies to Facebook.

10. Republicans are obstructionists! Obama should veto everything they pass!

11. We need living wages!! We need to devalue the dollar for the exports!!

12. Trickle down economics and the Bush tax cuts are evil!! QE saved the economy!

13. Voter ID’s are racist! Everyone should be required to vote!

14. We need more equality except for the 1%! They should pay more taxes!

15. Discrimination is wrong unless it favors minorities!

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