Ted Cruz and the Liberty Movement. A (un)love story.

Out of the many many politicians in Washington DC (or anywhere in America) their are few politicians libertarians should support more then Ted Cruz… but for strange reasons they do not. Now this is not to say he is perfect or ideal but he is a candidate we should support. Yes Ted Cruz supports the drug war and he is a moralist but what else can we expect from the right? The end game for Ted Cruz and his supporters is simple. A net reductions in government.

Ted Cruz supports a repeal of Obamacare and opposes net neutrality. He supports a balanced budget amendment and wants to repeal the IRS.He supports school choice and opposes common core.While he supports traditional marriage he does support federalism when it comes to marriage. Interestingly Rand Paul supports these same positions.

Ted Cruz has lead the pack in preaching constitutional principles, leading a Filibuster to repeal Obamacare and has called for the abolition of the IRS.

In comparison with others like Barry Goldwater and the Paul’s Ted Cruz is the most conservative , when taking into account public statements, voting record and fundraising (he is behind the Pauls when only looking at voting records).

Die hard libertarians need to suck up their pride trash the libertarian purity test and get behind a candidate who will bring a reduction of government. Getting behind candidates like Gary Johnson (as great as he is) and receiving only 1% of the vote is useless and gets us no where. Ted Cruz is a man of action and of liberty. While he may not be the best option he is a option and a good one.

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