End this Shutdown Now

As a conservative, I enjoy being glib about the government partially shutting down. But the partial government shutdown is now the longest in American history and the time for glib rejoinders is over. This isn’t a minarchist utopia. The federal government is still big and intrusive. A partial shutdown doesn’t make the government smaller, it […]

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7 New Years Pledges for DC

Donald Trump can stop complaining about the Federal Reserve. 4 of the 5 Governors are his appointees, including the Fed Chair. The Fed is acting exactly how everyone expected it to act. If Trump didn’t want rates raised, then why did he appoint people who would raise them? Actually, he can stop acting like a […]

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25 must follow conservatives on Twitter

Twitter is a toxic subculture but conservative Twitter is– generally– a light in the dark. Here are 25 conservative Twitter accounts everyone should follow. While you’re at it, follow me @_Credible_Hulk. Allahpundit Comfortably Smug Scott Lincicome Julian Sanchez Popehat Gabriel Malor AG Conservative Josh Jordon Jonah Goldberg Robert George PoliMath Neontaster Charles Cooke Noah Rothman […]

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